Thursday, August 31, 2006

IV: Black and White Rocks (Literally)

© Trypto
Lani Kai: what are those lines in the back?
Trypto: those are from the side of a chair
Lani Kai: ok, so why doesn't the rock on the left get to join in on the fun?
Trypto: it's the evil mastermind rock who's telling the other guys what to do
Lani Kai: I'm guessing the one on the bottom is the one who's just big and dumb
Lani Kai: so what does that make the remaining rock?
Trypto: um, the one who has to climb on top of the big dumb one

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Charlie said...

the big bottom rock represents the general populace, a cumbersome force coalesced by its own gravity. weighing on top of it is society, so the big rock, even if it were to move, would still be tied by hegemonic forces. the rock on the left are misfits trying to break free, but no matter far they stray from the shadow of the populace, notice that they are still partly covered by the shadow of society.