Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DCXVIII: Qu'est-ce que c'est?

ibleedgraphite: c'est un fleur
Lani Kai: ceci n'est pas un fleur
ibleedgraphite: well, you don't know what "ce" is referring to
Lani Kai: neither do you
ibleedgraphite: touché

Saturday, February 13, 2010

DCXVII: Irrelevant

ibleedgraphite: that's lovely
ibleedgraphite: except there appear to be patches of poisonous brown algae floating at the top
Lani Kai: what do you expect from LA?
ibleedgraphite: mean police officers
ibleedgraphite: but I guess that is not relevant

Saturday, February 06, 2010

DCXVI: Playing With Fire

ibleedgraphite: what the hell is that
Lani Kai: a candle holder
Lani Kai: filled with ethyl alcohol which was lit on fire
Lani Kai: and then we sprayed some butane on it
ibleedgraphite: it's purty

Thursday, February 04, 2010

DCXV: Deterministic

Lani Kai: I'm not going to ask the inevitable
ibleedgraphite: 1. if it's inevitable, you're going to ask it anyway so you might as well
ibleedgraphite: 2. if it's not inevitable, you don't have any compunction against not asking it, so you might as well
Lani Kai: that is a fair point; I will attempt to put off asking the inevitable for as long as possible
ibleedgraphite: how about you provide the first and last words of the question, and I will infer the middle part
Lani Kai: the... this?
ibleedgraphite: "the photograph is incredibly awesome; why is this?"
ibleedgraphite: it's because I turned it upside down

DCXIV: Amnesia

ibleedgraphite: I don't remember signing a model release
Lani Kai: that is only necessary if I want to sell the photo
Lani Kai: besides, this is clearly a miniature of you
Lani Kai: on a miniature riverbed
ibleedgraphite: I don't remember signing a miniature model release
Lani Kai: like I said...