Sunday, December 30, 2007

CCCXII: Annoyingly Repetitive

©Lani Kai
Lani Kai: I'm going to take a picture of breadsticks every time I go to that restaurant
Trypto: not again

CCCXI: Moving In

© Trypto
Lani Kai: ah yes, the perennial construction in Las Vegas
Trypto: a bunch of condos in this case
Lani Kai: I see, so on the outskirts
Trypto: actually it's next door to the Bellagio
Lani Kai: jeez
Trypto: I dunno why anyone would want to live on the strip
Trypto: it'd be like living in Disneyland

Saturday, December 29, 2007

CCCX: Multitasking

© Lani Kai
Lani Kai: the co-blogger is currently in Las Vegas, gambling his life away
Lani Kai: or drinking his life away
Lani Kai: probably both

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

CCCIX: O Christmas Tree

©Lani Kai
Trypto: I didn't know you have a Christmas tree
Lani Kai: well, we have an artificial one
Trypto: I have an imaginary one
Trypto: it's really pretty
Trypto: with its imaginary ornaments
Trypto: and imaginary presents

CCCVIII: Merry Christmas

© Trypto
Lani Kai: what're you up to?
Trypto: Merry Christmas, lalala
Lani Kai: la
Trypto: you can look at last night's food
Trypto: not the best pictures I've ever taken

Friday, December 21, 2007

CCCVII: Drip Drop

©Lani Kai
Lani Kai: I've been productive today
Lani Kai: I made two pages for the book
Trypto: I made a drop painting
Trypto: *drip
Lani Kai: I was wondering if that was similar to a drop kick

Thursday, December 20, 2007

CCCVI: Speechless

© Lani Kai
Trypto: aaaah
Lani Kai: anything else?

Friday, December 14, 2007

CCCV: Conversion

© Trypto
Lani Kai: whatever is it sepia for?
Trypto: because otherwise it would be blindingly white
Trypto: it was a very bright day
Lani Kai: I think I would've preferred it blindingly white
Lani Kai: it might look as if god is descending upon this courtyard
Trypto: uhh, you haven't gone Mormon on me, have you?

Monday, December 10, 2007

CCCIV: Ghosts

© Trypto
Lani Kai: did you draft-ify a bunch of posts?
Trypto: um, no...why?
Lani Kai: odd, it didn't show the first 5 posts
Lani Kai: now it does
Trypto: ooh we have a blog poltergeist
Trypto: the ghost of my dead cockroach

Friday, December 07, 2007

CCCIII: Looking Back

© Lani Kai
Lani Kai: you used to crop more
Trypto: I know
Trypto: and we used to have weirder conversations
Trypto: I can just imagine it...
Trypto: if we were a band, people would be like, "Yeah, I like them, but only their earlier stuff."
Trypto: "They were so much better, before they sold out."
Trypto: "Now they're just living off the name recognition. Lazy fucks."
Lani Kai: maybe we need to get the book out there
Lani Kai: before all the fans leave
Trypto: maybe we need to get some fans
Trypto: before all the fans leave
Lani Kai: we also used to get more comments
Trypto: we also used to post more pictures
Lani Kai: I used to take more pictures
Lani Kai: I also used to not take 5 classes in a quarter...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

CCCII: Pushy

© Trypto
Trypto: what do pushpins remind you of?
Lani Kai: school, I suppose
Trypto: I'll rephrase that...when was the last time you used a pushpin?
Lani Kai: December 1
Lani Kai: I changed the calendar on my wall to December

CCCI: Dr. Google

© Lani Kai
Lani Kai: Google search hit of the day, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Lani Kai: "country statistically largest breasts"
Lani Kai: Colorburn is the sixth hit returned by that search
Lani Kai: sorry to disappoint, dear Oklahoman

Monday, December 03, 2007

CCC: Jibberish

©Lani Kai
Trypto: what is the flag under the United States one?
Trypto: it looks like the Soviet Union
Trypto: ...or McDonald's
Lani Kai: lemme check
Lani Kai: I have a 130 megapixel image if necessary
Lani Kai: I scanned 6x7 film at 4800 dpi
Lani Kai: the 130 megapixel image was originally a 400MB bitmap file
Lani Kai: I made it jpeg and it's substantially smaller now
Lani Kai: it's only 146MB
Trypto: all those numbers mean nothing to me
Lani Kai: it's a USC flag

Sunday, December 02, 2007


© Trypto
Lani Kai: I like the depth of field
Lani Kai: but the focus is on the middle leg
Trypto: did you notice how the fence has been torn off the pole?
Trypto: it's because people are too lazy to walk around it