Sunday, December 19, 2010

DCLXVII: Nondescript

© Colorburn
ibleedgraphite: how is the water so calm
Lani Kai: there are no outlets
Lani Kai: so it doesn't move anywhere
ibleedgraphite: you should really rename your files to be more descriptive
ibleedgraphite: it helps with the SEO

Saturday, December 18, 2010

DCLXVI: Brainy

© Colorburn
Lani Kai: damn, I don't know if I can handle you posting so many photos
ibleedgraphite: is your brain going to explode?
Lani Kai: and leave an orange stain on a wood board
ibleedgraphite: which I will proudly display in my window
Lani Kai: I'm sure there is a modern art museum out there that would
ibleedgraphite: because your brain is so minimalist. LOL

Friday, December 17, 2010

DCLXV: Chief Concerns

© Colorburn
ibleedgraphite: so I have three pictures I liked from the Salton Sea
Lani Kai: cool
ibleedgraphite: one of them will undoubtedly be co-opted by you
ibleedgraphite: the second is okay, but not particularly unique
ibleedgraphite: so that leaves one
Lani Kai: or you could just post all three to balance things out a bit more
ibleedgraphite: that is not particularly concerning to me

DCLXIV: Grudging Approval

© Colorburn
Lani Kai: this one is somewhat uncharacteristic of you
ibleedgraphite: how is it uncharacteristic?
Lani Kai: the contrast is not as high as usual
ibleedgraphite: I switched to my brother's monitor as the primary, remember?
ibleedgraphite: on my end, it is as contrasty as they always were
Lani Kai: I guess it's good


© Colorburn
ibleedgraphite: WANGLE is not a word
ibleedgraphite: cheater
Lani Kai: I didn't think so either

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

DCLXII: Laser Battle

© Colorburn
ibleedgraphite: wow nice, it looks like lasers
ibleedgraphite: pew pew pew
ibleedgraphite: this one seems noticeably jpeggy though
Lani Kai: yeah... the auto-sharpen was probably a bad idea
Lani Kai: I will redo
ibleedgraphite: there is like a faint tartan pattern
ibleedgraphite: lends a Scottish air to the scene