Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DCXXXVI: Epic Tree Man

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bleedgraphite: if I were a tree, I'd choose a better place to grow
ibleedgraphite: also, the tree version of me wouldn't want to be friends with this tree
Lani Kai: why is that?
ibleedgraphite: tree Jerry would get nervous when this tree got on the bus or train
ibleedgraphite: it looks crazy


Lani Kai: "what are you up to?"
Lani Kai: how can I say that without ending with a preposition?
Lani Kai: to what up are you?
Lani Kai: up to what, you are?
ibleedgraphite: are you up to something; if so, what is it?
ibleedgraphite: to what are you up?
Lani Kai: that ends in a preposition

Monday, June 21, 2010

DCXXXIV: Advertising

Lani Kai: apparently the California legislature is considering advertising on license plates 
ibleedgraphite: it would be cheaper to just put a crapload of ads at the DMV
ibleedgraphite: there is a captive audience 
Lani Kai: that's a good idea 
ibleedgraphite: and they should set up a concession stand 
ibleedgraphite: people get hungry waiting for their driving tests 
Lani Kai: and a Wi-Fi hotspot 
ibleedgraphite: yeah, Starbucks better watch out
ibleedgraphite: DMV is the new place to hang out 
ibleedgraphite: Department of Mocha Venti

Sunday, June 20, 2010

DCXXXIII: Controversial

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ibleedgraphite: is this the controversial one?
Lani Kai: yes
ibleedgraphite: I don't know why
Lani Kai: well, I don't actually think anyone took exception to it
ibleedgraphite: right, but it looks completely innocuous to me

Sunday, June 13, 2010

DCXXXII: Atypical

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Lani Kai: the low contrast and saturation is somewhat atypical
Lani Kai: you need to go take pictures instead of using old film scans though
Lani Kai: when was the last time you used your XS?
ibleedgraphite: when I took naked pictures of myself in the mirror this morning
ibleedgraphite: ...just kidding

DCXXXI: Impostor

ibleedgraphite: nice try
ibleedgraphite: who are you, what did you do to Lani Kai
Lani Kai: you must like this picture
Lani Kai: that happens like twice a year
Lani Kai: although last year I had like five in a row that you liked
ibleedgraphite: stop talking like you're actually Lani Kai
ibleedgraphite: I'm calling the police
Lani Kai: this is peculiar, because no one liked any of the photos in the Colorado set
Lani Kai: zero comments on Facebook
Lani Kai: not even a single "like"

Sunday, June 06, 2010

DCXXX: Upgrade

ibleedgraphite: I thought you went to Colorado
Lani Kai: I did
ibleedgraphite: why do you have pictures from Saudi Arabia
Lani Kai: as well as New Mexico
ibleedgraphite: is that better than old Mexico?
Lani Kai: only slightly
ibleedgraphite: firmware upgrade?
Lani Kai: something like that

DCXXIX: More Blues

ibleedgraphite:you get to choose: blue or orange 
Lani Kai: blue
Lani Kai: there also appears to be a hair or something on the top left corner
ibleedgraphite: it's called a punctum
ibleedgraphite: if you had picked orange, you would have gotten some Joshua Tree clouds
Lani Kai: that can come tomorrow or something then
ibleedgraphite: nope, you already chose; you can never go down that path
ibleedgraphite: that's like if Neo took both pills at the same time
Lani Kai: well he should have
Lani Kai: or at least, he should have taken one, then asked for the other at a later time
ibleedgraphite: that wasn't covered by his HMOrpheus

Friday, June 04, 2010


ibleedgraphite: it looks like
ibleedgraphite: blue sand
ibleedgraphite: with little lines raked into it like a Japanese rock garden
ibleedgraphite: except that it's a huge rock garden
Lani Kai: something like that