Sunday, June 06, 2010

DCXXIX: More Blues

ibleedgraphite:you get to choose: blue or orange 
Lani Kai: blue
Lani Kai: there also appears to be a hair or something on the top left corner
ibleedgraphite: it's called a punctum
ibleedgraphite: if you had picked orange, you would have gotten some Joshua Tree clouds
Lani Kai: that can come tomorrow or something then
ibleedgraphite: nope, you already chose; you can never go down that path
ibleedgraphite: that's like if Neo took both pills at the same time
Lani Kai: well he should have
Lani Kai: or at least, he should have taken one, then asked for the other at a later time
ibleedgraphite: that wasn't covered by his HMOrpheus

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