Saturday, July 31, 2010


© Colorburn
Lani Kai: incidentally, the AA in England is the equivalent of AAA here
ibleedgraphite: are they doubly anonymous, or twice as alcoholic?
ibleedgraphite: oh wait, that would be if AAA was AA
Lani Kai: they come and tow your car
ibleedgraphite: I see, they have smaller cars so they only need two As

Thursday, July 29, 2010


© Colorburn
ibleedgraphite: one of the photoblogs we link to in our blogroll
ibleedgraphite: lists Colorburn in his blogroll as "Lani Kai's ColorBurn"
Lani Kai: ha

DCXLIV: Burninate

© Colorburn
Lani Kai: I don't know, you tell me what a good place to host photos is
ibleedgraphite: I guess I would just make a website that showed them all in a giant grid
Lani Kai: like so?
ibleedgraphite: kind of, but with good pictures
ibleedgraphite: BURN!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DCXLIII: Exploring

© Colorburn

Lani Kai: I have returned from the land of Lewis and Clark
ibleedgraphite: what land is that?
Lani Kai: the Pacific Northwest
ibleedgraphite: the academic decathlon topic for the year I was in it was Lewis and Clark
ibleedgraphite: I know far too much about it
ibleedgraphite: they had a dog with them named Seaman
ibleedgraphite: actually that's pretty much the only thing I remember
Lani Kai: hahaha
ibleedgraphite: but at some point I had 88 pages of  Lewis and Clark trivia memorized
ibleedgraphite: so what did you discover?
ibleedgraphite: did you give trinkets to the native peoples?
Lani Kai: blankets with smallpox?
ibleedgraphite: Lewis and Clark did not do that

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DCXLII: Fortississimo

© Colorburn
Lani Kai: what song is this?
ibleedgraphite: how the fuck would I know?
ibleedgraphite: is it called p subito, written by ffffmf
Lani Kai: no
Lani Kai: it is called Gaspard de la Nuit by Maurice Ravel
Lani Kai: I am now going to listen to it
ibleedgraphite: sneaky
ibleedgraphite: you would think nuit is a masculine noun
Lani Kai: the part in question with the fff is at 8:23

Saturday, July 10, 2010

DCXLI: Not That Many

© Colorburn
ibleedgraphite: what are those little white dots?
Lani Kai: stars
ibleedgraphite: liar, there's not that many stars
Lani Kai: what else could they be?
ibleedgraphite: dust specks
Lani Kai: oh come on, you saw them in Northern California
Lani Kai: there were many more than can be seen in this picture
ibleedgraphite: ok fine

Friday, July 09, 2010

DCXL: Undercover

© Colorburn
ibleedgraphite: this one is too good
ibleedgraphite: you'll blow our cover
ibleedgraphite: people are supposed to think we actually took the photos we post
ibleedgraphite: you don't want to end up like Anna Chapman
ibleedgraphite: her cover got blown, and look what happened
Lani Kai: I have a series of good photos from time to time
Lani Kai: I don't think they will notice
Lani Kai: it is within the bounds of statistical error
ibleedgraphite: not this good
ibleedgraphite: this is like 10 standard deviations away from the average

Thursday, July 08, 2010

DCXXXIX: Ninjombie

© Colorburn
Lani Kai: I cannot find my camera charger
Lani Kai: I put it on the floor in my room when i got back from my trip; it has since disappeared
ibleedgraphite: zombies took it
ibleedgraphite: or you moved it and forgot
Lani Kai: I'm leaning toward the former
Lani Kai: however a zombie problem is previously unheard of
ibleedgraphite: they are very small
Lani Kai: are you sure those are zombies?
ibleedgraphite: I could be mistaken
ibleedgraphite: perhaps very small ninjas
Lani Kai: they could be regular size ninjas; you still wouldn't notice
ibleedgraphite: regular ninjas kill you in your sleep
ibleedgraphite: mini ninjas steal your camera charger

Friday, July 02, 2010

DCXXXVIII: Misunderstood

© Colorburn
Lani Kai: you need to learn how to rotate your photos properly
Lani Kai: and how to make them not green
ibleedgraphite: it's more intuitive to visually scan a horizontal composition than a vertical one
Lani Kai: okay, and it's somehow intuitive to make some shoes hang sideways
Lani Kai: I completely understand now


© Colorburn
ibleedgraphite: those clouds are really zooming by
Lani Kai: yep
ibleedgraphite: they're like
ibleedgraphite: foooosh
Lani Kai: woosh
ibleedgraphite: no, that's the sound the water is making
ibleedgraphite: as it zooms by
Lani Kai: oh okay
ibleedgraphite: but the trees are just like, meh
Lani Kai: well, if you look at full resolution
Lani Kai: they are whispering