Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DCXLIII: Exploring

© Colorburn

Lani Kai: I have returned from the land of Lewis and Clark
ibleedgraphite: what land is that?
Lani Kai: the Pacific Northwest
ibleedgraphite: the academic decathlon topic for the year I was in it was Lewis and Clark
ibleedgraphite: I know far too much about it
ibleedgraphite: they had a dog with them named Seaman
ibleedgraphite: actually that's pretty much the only thing I remember
Lani Kai: hahaha
ibleedgraphite: but at some point I had 88 pages of  Lewis and Clark trivia memorized
ibleedgraphite: so what did you discover?
ibleedgraphite: did you give trinkets to the native peoples?
Lani Kai: blankets with smallpox?
ibleedgraphite: Lewis and Clark did not do that

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