Friday, January 29, 2010

DCXIII: The Other Side

© Colorburn

ibleedgraphite: the door on the other side looks really small
Lani Kai: well, it's only about 8 inches high
ibleedgraphite: for the leprechauns that work at Kaiser Permanente?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DCXII: Manipulation

© Colorburn

ibleedgraphite: the clouds near the horizon seem like they have linear burn applied
Lani Kai: I wouldn't know
ibleedgraphite: linear burn decrease brightness to darken the base color and reflect the blend color
Lani Kai: if you say so
Lani Kai: I've probably never used it before
ibleedgraphite: it looks like the clouds started a little lighter
ibleedgraphite: and were blended with the orange via linear burn
Lani Kai: I don't use blending options
ibleedgraphite: blending modes are the best
ibleedgraphite: do you at least use multiply?
Lani Kai: no
ibleedgraphite: if I have a Photoshop file with more than 10 layers
ibleedgraphite: chances are at least one is set to multiply
Lani Kai: I don't ever have more than 10 layers
Lani Kai: on extremely rare occasions
Lani Kai: I might have as many as two layers
ibleedgraphite: including adjustment layers?
Lani Kai: I don't really use that either
Lani Kai: god, how much photo manipulation are you doing?

Monday, January 25, 2010

DCXI: Strategy

© Colorburn
ibleedgraphite: what does the phrase "strategic partnership" mean?
Lani Kai: that they will strategically take advantage of you and run away with all the money?
ibleedgraphite: well, how is that different from a regular partnership
Lani Kai: a regular partnership is not necessarily strategic
Lani Kai: maybe he will punch you and take your money and run
ibleedgraphite: I have strategically not stepped outside today

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DCX: Malfunction

© Colorburn

Lani Kai: 
ibleedgraphite: what?
Lani Kai: what
ibleedgraphite: it said you said something
Lani Kai:
iibleedgraphite: you did it again
Lani Kai: what the hell are you talking about
ibleedgraphite: it keeps showing your screen name as if you typed a message
ibleedgraphite: but there is no message

Saturday, January 16, 2010

DCIX: Reddy or Not

© Colorburn

ibleedgraphite: this is red
Lani Kai: that is red

Saturday, January 09, 2010

DCVIII: Tied Down

© Colorburn

Lani Kai: so you know how "SOS" is ***---***
Lani Kai: "3TIE" is ***---***
Lani Kai: how do you differentiate?
ibleedgraphite: I don't think you need to
ibleedgraphite: wearing 3 ties is clearly a fashion emergency requiring immediate relief

Sunday, January 03, 2010

DCVII: Niche Market

© Colorburn
ibleedgraphite: nurf
Lani Kai: nerf?
ibleedgraphite: no, that's trademarked
Lani Kai: are you allowed to have homophonic product names?
Lani Kai: like an App-Oh Eyepod?
ibleedgraphite: great, mp3 player for autistic Koreans