Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DCXII: Manipulation

© Colorburn

ibleedgraphite: the clouds near the horizon seem like they have linear burn applied
Lani Kai: I wouldn't know
ibleedgraphite: linear burn decrease brightness to darken the base color and reflect the blend color
Lani Kai: if you say so
Lani Kai: I've probably never used it before
ibleedgraphite: it looks like the clouds started a little lighter
ibleedgraphite: and were blended with the orange via linear burn
Lani Kai: I don't use blending options
ibleedgraphite: blending modes are the best
ibleedgraphite: do you at least use multiply?
Lani Kai: no
ibleedgraphite: if I have a Photoshop file with more than 10 layers
ibleedgraphite: chances are at least one is set to multiply
Lani Kai: I don't ever have more than 10 layers
Lani Kai: on extremely rare occasions
Lani Kai: I might have as many as two layers
ibleedgraphite: including adjustment layers?
Lani Kai: I don't really use that either
Lani Kai: god, how much photo manipulation are you doing?

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