Saturday, June 30, 2007

CCXXXVI: Polaris

© Lani Kai
Trypto: is that the North Star they're all revolving around?
Lani Kai: yes
Lani Kai: I thought it was cool how it happened to be right above that tree
Trypto: kind of scary actually
Trypto: someone can just climb up that tree and pluck it out of the sky
Trypto: and then we'd be F*CKED

Thursday, June 28, 2007


© Lani Kai
Trypto: what're those?
Lani Kai: aliens
Trypto: from?
Lani Kai: Vega
Trypto: what are they doing?
Lani Kai: I couldn't understand what they were saying
Trypto: I think they're mating
Trypto: they mate by... pointing downward

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CCXXXIV: Graffitti

© Trypto
Lani Kai: is this an ancient petroglyph?
Trypto: precisely, there was this one tribe of Indians that had spraypaint
Lani Kai: so what does this painting depict?
Lani Kai: hunting down wild buffalo?
Lani Kai: tribal warfare?
Trypto: it looks like a dollar sign with a playground slide growing out of it
Lani Kai: I think it's a dinosaur and not a playground slide
Lani Kai: and it's depicting evil giant corporations

Saturday, June 23, 2007

CCXXXIII: Inaudible

© Lani Kai
Lani Kai: equalized and filtered
Trypto: which filter?
Lani Kai: noise reduction
Trypto: it worked pretty well, I don't hear anything

Thursday, June 14, 2007

CCXXXII: Tasteful

© Lani Kai
Trypto: we should set up one of those I Spy photos
Trypto: with the billion objects layed out
Trypto: but, tastefully [i.e. not randomly strewn about like the billion objects on the floor in my room]
Lani Kai: do you have a bunch of stuff we can tastefully lay out?
Trypto: we could use my blocks and plastic army men to create battlefield scenes
Trypto: I wonder if it hurts having a bazooka going through your head
Lani Kai: probably

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


© Trypto
Lani Kai: they look more radioactive sewage color than they actually are
Trypto: you mean, greener?
Lani Kai: a different shade of green
Trypto: it's because of the chemical weapons
Lani Kai: that makes sense then

Monday, June 11, 2007

CCXXX: Flawed Logic

© Lani Kai
Trypto: what's that?
Lani Kai: a 1/5 scale model of a 1Ds Mark II with a 600mm f/4L IS
Trypto: the picture is almost exactly as wide my monitor; are you saying the camera is really like 5 feet long?
Lani Kai: that logic is flawed
Lani Kai: following your reasoning, Bryce Canyon would be about the same size as my house
Trypto: well, maybe it is!
Trypto: and the moon landing was faked
Trypto: or should I say, "moon"

CCXXIX: Seems Noisy

© Trypto
Lani Kai: it looks like you passed it through's compression algorithm
Lani Kai: or applied some kind of filter
Trypto: no, that's just what pictures look like out of my camera
Lani Kai: what ISO did you shoot at?
Trypto: 100 probably
Trypto: are you done making fun of my camera now?
Lani Kai: yes
Lani Kai: seems noisy for ISO 100
Lani Kai: OK, now I'm done

Friday, June 08, 2007

CCXXVIII: Succulent

© Lani Kai
Lani Kai: do you think I should crop it to just the four that are bunched up?
Trypto: no, the more the tastier
Trypto: I bet the one on the right is the juiciest of them all
Trypto: with the most succulent brains


© Trypto
Lani Kai: trail to the Emerald Pools?
Trypto: yes
Trypto: I believe I rudely commanded you to move before I took this picture
Trypto: but it was only because I had no desire to visit these so-called emerald pools
Trypto: and I needed to poo

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

CCXXVI: "It's Not Pining, It's Passed On!"

© Lani Kai
Trypto: the water from the fountain almost makes it look like it's raining
Lani Kai: yeah
Trypto: and she's standing outside under an eave, pining for her lost lover
Trypto: naked, for some reason..
Lani Kai: a lot of people from the classic period are naked for some reason...
Trypto: they didn't invent clothes yet

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

CCXXV: Enlightenment

© Lani Kai
Trypto: why can't they extend that road up the side of the cliff, and onto Angels Landing?
Trypto: it would save the 4 hour hike
Lani Kai: because you're not supposed to attain enlightenment without first struggling hardships
Trypto: is enlightenment a bunch of chipmunks?
Trypto: because that's all I found up there
Lani Kai: then obviously you haven't reached enlightenment yet
Trypto: and besides, the TV at Foster's [Motel] had crappy reception
Trypto: that was a hardship
Trypto: I want my enlightenment dammit

CCXXIV: The Cathedral

© Trypto
Trypto: this is my second favorite rock
Lani Kai: I think this looks much more like a cathedral than the rock at Arches looks like a courthouse
Trypto: the Spanish explorers at Bryce Canyon were better informed about architecture

Sunday, June 03, 2007


© Trypto
Lani Kai: yeah, that's rather disgusting
Trypto: I dont think its disgusting
Trypto: there is beauty in ugliness!
Lani Kai: but you said it was disgusting when you were photographing it...
Lani Kai: liar

CCXXII: No Reason

©Lani Kai
Trypto: why's it purple?
Lani Kai: white balance that's deliberately shifted in the wrong direction
Trypto: I guess you were curious what the world looked like through the eyes of someone with purple cellophane permanently wrapped around his head

Saturday, June 02, 2007

CCXXI: Éphémère

© Lani Kai
Trypto: do you think it's sad that all the beautiful spires and cliffs and things will eventually turn into piles of sand?
Lani Kai: that's part of nature
Lani Kai: just because it's beautiful right now doesn't necessarily mean it should stay in its current state forever
Trypto: I suppose
Trypto: I still think entropy sucks though
Lani Kai: without entropy these never would have formed in the first place

CCXX: Not Your Cup of Tea

© Trypto
Trypto: I'm using this as my desktop background now
Lani Kai: this one I actually liked better as black and white
Trypto: naw, I like the warmth of the color
Trypto: it's like a nice cup of hot tea

Friday, June 01, 2007

CCXIX: Grandeur

©Lani Kai
Lani Kai: I forgot to resize before uploading
Trypto: yeah, when I opened it, all I saw was the foot
Trypto: I was like, aaaugh!
Trypto: it looks diseased
Lani Kai: athlete's foot?
Trypto: or leprosy


© Trypto
Lani Kai: so I'm pretty sure it managed to pick up a crumb from the angry British lady that was poking at it with her walking stick
Trypto: she must have had a bad experience with chipmunks as a child
Lani Kai: the husband didn't seem too fond of it either
Trypto: a chipmunk ate their kids