Wednesday, September 27, 2006

LIII: Follow the Light

© Lani Kai
Trypto: I would crop it to just the light, and the window by the light
Trypto: yes, now the image is easier to read
Trypto: at least, according to my personal design biases
Lani Kai: yeah, I was wondering whether I should totally get rid of the sky
Lani Kai: then I thought cutting off the window might not look good
Lani Kai: but it looks fine


Trypto said...

and by "perfect" i mean "pretty good"

Lani Kai said...

Damn, I was excited to see that someone commented so shortly after posting.

Trypto said...

get used to disappoitment

tornak said...

it is amazing how good that looks even though you cropped so much out. uncropped, i really love the architecture where you guys live, not to mention the weather :)
us canadians are getting out our winter coats already.

Lani Kai said...

Unfortunately it looks a tad blurred... I guess the image stabilizer wasn't enough.