Saturday, April 21, 2007

CCI: Explicit Content

© Trypto
Trypto: in the shadow patterns, I see egg beaters
Trypto: and hot air balloons
Lani Kai: I see a very hungry caterpillar
Trypto: uhm...I don't
Lani Kai: not familiar with Eric Carle?
Lani Kai: I also see explicit content...
Trypto: are you saying Eric Carle puts explicit content into his childrens' books?
Trypto: I wonder what kind of ads are going to show up in the sidebar now that we've said "explicit content" [four] times


Lani Kai said...

Why did this post lead to a bunch of ads for Anti-Bush bumper stickers?

Trypto said...

I think it was the phrase "hungry caterpillar"

Lani Kai said...

Actually I think the anti-Bush stuff came from this, but I still don't know what resulted nin the bumper sticker part.