Friday, October 03, 2008

CDVI: Oh Photography

©Lani Kai
Lani Kai: I've been told that this photo gives the tactile element of wind to an otherwise visual photo representation
Trypto: um
Trypto: what?
Trypto: tactile = touch
Trypto: I don't feel anything
Trypto: are there any photo representations that aren't visual?
Lani Kai: perhaps you are numb
Trypto: this picture doesn't make me feel wind
Lani Kai: a photo can convey more than just visual information
Lani Kai: at least, I often try to appeal to more than just the visual channel
Lani Kai: whether I'm successful or not is another story
Trypto: a photograph only contains visual information
Lani Kai: in the strictest sense, yes
Trypto: it does not contain tactile information
Lani Kai: but if you see a photo of food and it makes you think "ooh, that looks good... I feel hungry" then you've invoked more than just a visual response
Trypto: the fact that my brain processes visual information and causes other biochemical reactions doesn't change the fact that the photograph itself is purely visual
Lani Kai: the information is passed through the visual channel
Lani Kai: with the intent of provoking feelings that are not strictly visual
Trypto: hm, but by that logic
Trypto: if the connotations of a photograph are inherently possessed by the photograph and not figments of the viewer's brain
Trypto: then there is no such thing as a "visual photo representation"
Trypto: because every image provokes some kind of response
Trypto: I think it would be fair to say that the picture visually captures the otherwise invisible phenomenon of wind
Trypto: but to call it a tactile response would be pushing it
Trypto: unless there are actually people who see pictures of blowing leaves and feel wind on their flesh
Trypto: in which case they would probably die if they saw a horror movie
Trypto: this might have worked better from a lower angle so less land was showing
Trypto: emphasizing the airiness
Lani Kai: perhaps
Lani Kai: but I think the wave patterns add to the directional element of the wind
Trypto: maybe moving to the left = sky + waves?
Lani Kai: you mean point more towards the ocean?
Trypto: right

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