Thursday, October 16, 2008

CDXVI: Tea Time

© Lani Kai
Trypto: 1260/2560
Trypto: simplifies to?
Lani Kai: 63/128
Trypto: wow how did you do that
Lani Kai: 126/256
Lani Kai: /2
Trypto: witch
Trypto: you summoned a demon to tell you the answer
Lani Kai: I wish I could do that
Trypto: do not lie
Trypto: your execution will be swifter if you repent
Trypto: otherwise we will be forced to purify your soul through other means
Lani Kai: such as?
Trypto: um
Trypto: forcing you meditate and drink herbal teas
Trypto: ORGANIC herbal teas
Trypto: before oolong, you will wish you had confessed
Trypto: I mean, before too long..
Lani Kai: I like oolong tea

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