Monday, March 23, 2009

CDLXXXIV: Incredibly Enough

© Lani Kai
Trypto: omg, this is the best photograph you've ever taken
Lani Kai: seriously?
Trypto: 97.5th percentile
Trypto: so every 50 pictures you take one that I like as much as this one
Lani Kai: it looks radioactive
Trypto: maybe thats why I like it
Lani Kai: I've never actually verified that radioactive materials can be a bright shade of green
Lani Kai: is this true?
Trypto: there is empirical evidence
Lani Kai: not just from Ninja Turtles?
Trypto: Bruce Banner was exposed to radiation
Trypto: and he turned into the Hulk
Trypto: who is green
Trypto: not just any Hulk
Trypto: the Incredible Hulk
Trypto: which means it is incredibly true
Trypto: of course, technically incredible means not credible...

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