Saturday, May 30, 2009

DXIII: Euphemisms

© Lani Kai
Lani Kai: I added some new Google keywords to the sidebar
Trypto: ooh really?
Lani Kai: we should cater more to people that can't spell "breast"
Lani Kai: by talking about Brest, France
Trypto: or beasts
Trypto: extremely large beasts
Lani Kai: hm
Trypto: traveling in pairs
Trypto: woah, what the hell
Trypto: it looks like skin
Trypto: from a dragon
Lani Kai: beast
Trypto: yess
Trypto: I feel like it's a beast's giant esophagus
Trypto: and he made it inviting with stairs and railing to trick you into walking into his tummy
Lani Kai: do those come in pairs?
Trypto: yes, they come firmly in pairs
Lani Kai: I bet such beasts were found widely thoughout medieval Europe
Lani Kai: particularly in areas such as Brest, which is in Brittany
Trypto: the people of Brest were often showed naked admiration for the beasts
Lani Kai: Wikipedia says Brest is the largest city in the Department of Finistère
Trypto: and were quite perky when asked to discuss the Brest beast
Lani Kai: to quote Monty Python, "my nipples explode with delight!"
Lani Kai: this post is enormous
Lani Kai: if it were a pair of breasts it definitely would not need implants
Lani Kai: is that pushing it?
Trypto: you mean squeezing it

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