Friday, June 26, 2009

DXXI: A Discourse On Art

© Lani Kai
Trypto: the readability is kind of lost
Trypto: for all we know, it might say temporary art
Trypto: actually, most contemporary art is temporary
Lani Kai: art is fleeting
Lani Kai: all contemporary art is temporary
Lani Kai: it no longer is contemporary after a certain point
Trypto: that is a contemporary affectation
Trypto: some art historians argue that current art is technically post-contemporary
Lani Kai: that would imply that it hails from the future
Lani Kai: unless "contemporary" is a time period like "Baroque" and "Renaissance"
Trypto: yeah, contemporary now refers to 1975-1995
Lani Kai: I sense a certain laziness in calling something post-something else
Lani Kai: like postmodernism
Lani Kai: and post-postmodernism
Lani Kai: how many iterations before something new is coined?
Trypto: that is one of the problems of the post-post-modern era
Trypto: it's pluralist; there's no authoritative voice
Trypto: so what happens is always just the path of least resistence
Trypto: anyway, about your photograph
Trypto: it's ambiguous
Trypto: temporary Arthur Miller
Lani Kai: extemporary arthritis

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