Wednesday, August 05, 2009

DXLI: Unexpected

© Lani Kai
ibleedgraphite: ok so, what was that a picture of?
Lani Kai: the rock causes the wave to break in the middle
ibleedgraphite: oh, that's not interesting at all!
ibleedgraphite: I thought it was at least a walrus or something, maybe a capsized Jet Ski
Lani Kai: a walrus?
ibleedgraphite: or other aquatic mammal
Lani Kai: that is clearly a rock
ibleedgraphite: ...might be a tail fin, or legs
Lani Kai: and it leaves a large wake because it is traveling at 50 knots?
ibleedgraphite: it could have been flung across the surface of the water, like a skipping stone
ibleedgraphite: I didn't expect you to post a picture of a boring old rock

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