Saturday, November 14, 2009

DLXXXVIII: One in a Million Ten Million

© Colorburn
ibleedgraphite: I think my camera has a dead pixel
ibleedgraphite: I don't suppose it can be revived
Lani Kai: if you take it to Canon I believe they can re-map it
ibleedgraphite: that sounds complicated
Lani Kai: you could make a Photoshop action to clone it out; just take the next pixel over or something
ibleedgraphite: I think I will let it rest in peace for now until it starts hurting people
Lani Kai: that would be a zombie pixel
Lani Kai: I think you should give it a proper burial
Lani Kai: I mean, think of all the pixels around it
Lani Kai: you wouldn't want a dead body sitting next to you all the time would you?
ibleedgraphite: well, it's not really noticeable most of the time
Lani Kai: it's not noticeable because you take mostly dark pictures?
ibleedgraphite: actually it appears as 100% white
Lani Kai: oh, that's not a dead pixel, that's a stuck pixel
ibleedgraphite: how comforting, it is merely stuck
Lani Kai: that's the worst
Lani Kai: that means it can't go to heaven or hell
Lani Kai: so it comes out to haunt you
ibleedgraphite: oh, I was thinking like stuck in a tree
ibleedgraphite: it just has to climb down
ibleedgraphite: c'mon little pixel, you can do it
Lani Kai: maybe if you bring it a ladder
ibleedgraphite: okay, I'll take a picture of a ladder

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Anonymous said...

I really love your conversation here. Though it doesn't seem to relate whatsoever to your beautiful picture...I don't even know if i should ask you to keep up the good work lol.