Monday, August 29, 2011

DCLXXIV: Looking Back

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Lani Kai: Well, this blog appears to be slowly becoming what 99.9999% of all blogs out there become. That is, mostly forgotten.

Fun fact: Colorburn was first started on this day five years ago. Now, I don't mean to sound all wistful, but five years is kind of a long time, especially for a blog. A five-year-old blog is probably about 4,126 years old in human years, but somehow it's still limping along, managing to hold on to a small corner of my brain just enough to make me post something every now and then. Sure, I might only need one hand to be able to count the number of people that read this blog, but honestly, that doesn't really matter at this point. And nevermind that we get more visits from people Googling "kai greene nude pics," which apparently is not an uncommon search phrase. Someone landed here once with that, so I put it in the sidebar box cataloging the weird searches that bring people here, and that has acted as a sort of keyword spam that gets picked up by the Google crawler bot.

We were going to make this into a book. We didn't. It was supposed to bring us a stream of pocket change through sidebar ads. It didn't. But I look back, and that's okay.

Anyway, five years. In that time I've graduated from college, gone through numerous cameras (sold/traded them, not broken them), got a new job, and so on. DSLRs were still fairly uncommon when this blog started up, but now everyone has one, including ibleedgraphite although he quickly got bored with his. I've traveled quite a bit around the U.S. in the past five years and my tons of road trips have given me a solid 80,000+ miles on my car in that span. In fact the drive I made to San Luis Obispo to visit ibleedgraphite just a few weeks after this blog started up was the first time I ever went on a road trip without my family.

The past five years have seen many friends come and go. This blog, too, might one day see its last post. But I'm still good friends with ibleedgraphite and that means I don't have a reason to formally kill off the blog.

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